Major Goals

What we have done is started making our teams for the tournament. Also how we are making the teams are we are going to be picking people that we know and we are going to try to make the tams as far as possible. already seeingĀ  and thinking about who will be on what teams and that’s one of the most hardest parts of this and maybe one of the longest and we are getting that out of the way first. we are also making a doc about who is going to be the coaches, refs, the announcers and we will need a person doing score and 2 or three people doing the consetion stand. that will help us because after we get every one or this to help we will be sending out emails to the players that we pick and the helpers saying the date of the event and the time. We will tell the helpers to be there about 45 minutes to a hour early to help us set up and get ready.

Our December goals are to finish makingĀ  our teams for are games. We will do this by using time wisely and making sure we do this before any thing else. We also want to get this done by before Christmas break. We are trying to get it done before Christmas break because then we wont have to worry about that later.

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