Where should people go

        I think you should go to Hawaii because its always is hot and always beautiful. there is a lot of beaches witch means tourism and a lot of good views and no matter what season it is its always hot and nice out. The people are really nice there and there culture is really cool to see and watch. The volcanoes are beautiful and attract people to come there and see them, and the waster is so clear in the ocean. The food is really unique and looks good and my guess its really good and finally the shoping there is really cool thing to buy.

I have been to Florida, Tennessee and Michigan.  Florida is always hot and sunny out even in the winter. It has beautiful beaches and a lot of good restrants to go eat at and spend time with family. I always go to Venice. when I go to Tennessee i’m narmoly going to see my family or going down there for Christmas. Its always beautiful and not always cold. Also there is a lot of fun activities to do when you cant think of one. I go to Michigan for a family reunion. I cant give much info because i’m not down there long but it is a beautiful and has lots of lakes and all kinds of tourist attraction.

My future travel is to California. I want to go there because that’s where my favorite basketball team is and I have always wanted to go to Disneyland. If you like biking or walking a lot you can go on a tour. There are some there parks to go to so I like roller coasters so I would probably like that. Also there is beaches to go to and have fun doing that. You can also go on a helicopter and/or hot air balloon.

attractions for California

facts about California

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