Do It right or be caught for copy write

part a. ]

Attribution is  good. Attribution is giving credit and if you don’t give then it is copy write because its not yours and your kind of saying that its yours when its not. How you not copy write and use attribution is copy and paste the name of the website or if there is a name then also do that. All this info is important because if you don,t do this then you might get in really bad trouble. So now that you know this will you be able to tell others?

part b.                                                                                                                                         A angry orange pumpkin

with elf ear like eyes

that might eat you if it could.

Or it could be you creepy friend

but never trust things like this

but then you realize he is a pumpkin he cant eat you or be friends with you so.Halloween pumpkins Kwan Cheung via Compfight

One thought on “Do It right or be caught for copy write”

  1. LJ,

    In Part A, I like how you describe attribution when you wrote;

    “You’re kind of saying that it’s yours when it’s not.”

    It’s like a cool metaphor.

    In Part B, I like the line when it reads

    “You realize he’s a pumpkin and he can’t eat you or be your friend.”

    That is a pretty funny poem line!

    Also, in the title,

    “Do it right or get caught for copyright”

    That’s funny as well!

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