Happy holidays

The first holiday I will be talking about is Christmas. Me and my family celebrate Christmas every year we go to Tennessee to celebrate with my family down there. We go to a cabin and we stay there for three days and the last day we all ways go eat at the same restaurant. We also go to a place to play ice scate and stuff to do.

At my house we will eat a casaroll my mom makes. Then we will open presents and we will get dressed and ready and we will go eat lunch. Then we will go to stores to get presents for my cousins. We will go home play with our stuff for a little then we will go up to my grandmas.

At my grandmas we will go eat dinner at her house. Then we will watch the Warriors play Cavs then we will open presents and stocking. Then we will play with them and stuff but then we eat cake it is really good. Then we spend the night there and when we wake upĀ  its not Christmas.

history of christmas

Chrstmas around the world


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