Where should people go

        I think you should go to Hawaii because its always is hot and always beautiful. there is a lot of beaches witch means tourism and a lot of good views and no matter what season it is its always hot and nice out. The people are really nice there and there culture is really cool to see and watch. The volcanoes are beautiful and attract people to come there and see them, and the waster is so clear in the ocean. The food is really unique and looks good and my guess its really good and finally the shoping there is really cool thing to buy.

I have been to Florida, Tennessee and Michigan.  Florida is always hot and sunny out even in the winter. It has beautiful beaches and a lot of good restrants to go eat at and spend time with family. I always go to Venice. when I go to Tennessee i’m narmoly going to see my family or going down there for Christmas. Its always beautiful and not always cold. Also there is a lot of fun activities to do when you cant think of one. I go to Michigan for a family reunion. I cant give much info because i’m not down there long but it is a beautiful and has lots of lakes and all kinds of tourist attraction.

My future travel is to California. I want to go there because that’s where my favorite basketball team is and I have always wanted to go to Disneyland. If you like biking or walking a lot you can go on a tour. There are some there parks to go to so I like roller coasters so I would probably like that. Also there is beaches to go to and have fun doing that. You can also go on a helicopter and/or hot air balloon.

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Major Goals

What we have done is started making our teams for the tournament. Also how we are making the teams are we are going to be picking people that we know and we are going to try to make the tams as far as possible. already seeing  and thinking about who will be on what teams and that’s one of the most hardest parts of this and maybe one of the longest and we are getting that out of the way first. we are also making a doc about who is going to be the coaches, refs, the announcers and we will need a person doing score and 2 or three people doing the consetion stand. that will help us because after we get every one or this to help we will be sending out emails to the players that we pick and the helpers saying the date of the event and the time. We will tell the helpers to be there about 45 minutes to a hour early to help us set up and get ready.

Our December goals are to finish making  our teams for are games. We will do this by using time wisely and making sure we do this before any thing else. We also want to get this done by before Christmas break. We are trying to get it done before Christmas break because then we wont have to worry about that later.

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Happy holidays

The first holiday I will be talking about is Christmas. Me and my family celebrate Christmas every year we go to Tennessee to celebrate with my family down there. We go to a cabin and we stay there for three days and the last day we all ways go eat at the same restaurant. We also go to a place to play ice scate and stuff to do.

At my house we will eat a casaroll my mom makes. Then we will open presents and we will get dressed and ready and we will go eat lunch. Then we will go to stores to get presents for my cousins. We will go home play with our stuff for a little then we will go up to my grandmas.

At my grandmas we will go eat dinner at her house. Then we will watch the Warriors play Cavs then we will open presents and stocking. Then we will play with them and stuff but then we eat cake it is really good. Then we spend the night there and when we wake up  its not Christmas.

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For Eli

For my 20% project, we are going to being doing a basketball tournament to raise money for a kid named Eli. Eli was killed by a truck when he was riding his bike at the age of 6, so we are going to give all the money to his family.

Three things that I am feeling about this project are exited because it will be a good experience helping others and still having fun with a sport that I love. I am also scared for the speech at the end of the year. I’m scared of this because I’m stage fright and don’t like talking in front of a lot of people. The last thing is nervous. I’m nervous because I am thinking that we won’t finish the project and it won’t work and that will be bad.

My major goals are to get all the fliers ready by the 30th and I will do that by working on them on Fridays.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Just if….?

What if I was a principal for a day I would make sure that every body has fun but while they are working like using your hands To do stuff. I would do this because people like using there hands to do activities but they will still be leaning and stuff. I would also have one free day a week. I would do this because sometimes kids need a break.

If I was a teacher I would only give home work on Mondays because it gets boring. If you assign something that’s due Monday, then you will have weekend homework. No one likes that. Also homework is boring. When you get it everyday of the week, then that’s annoying.


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Who is you favorite Football, Baseball and Basketball player?

Who is your favorite football player? Mine is Russel Wilson because he is a great QB and I am a QB so I look up to him. I don’t really like there team but I like Russell Wilson. So in comments tell me how your favorite player is because I would like to know. So I hope you enjoyed this part.

Who is your favorite basketball player? Mine is Steph Curry because he is great and I look up to him and always will. I look up to him because he is really good and I learn a lot of stuff just looking at is video’s and that stuff. I also really like the warriors and the players but Steph Curry really sticks out. In the comments tell me your favorite basketball player.

Who is your favorite baseball player? I don’t watch baseball much but when I do I like to watch the reds and Joey Votto and that’s my favorite baseball player. I like Joey Votto because he is a great player and a great person because he is not mean most of the time. I will look up to him because he has a great swing and thats where I learned how to swing but then my coaches  helped me. But i want to know your favorite baseball player so comment.

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Cliffhanger For Days

part 1Lake Placid New York ~ Ausable River at Franklin Road Bridge Onasill ~ Bill Badzo via Compfight  

The pic is beautiful. Has tree and a lake to make it better.  Its almost flawless because its so perfect. Also i could stay there all day till it was time for bed. But then whats that you see out of the corner of your eye.

What happened next?



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Do It right or be caught for copy write

part a. ]

Attribution is  good. Attribution is giving credit and if you don’t give then it is copy write because its not yours and your kind of saying that its yours when its not. How you not copy write and use attribution is copy and paste the name of the website or if there is a name then also do that. All this info is important because if you don,t do this then you might get in really bad trouble. So now that you know this will you be able to tell others?

part b.                                                                                                                                         A angry orange pumpkin

with elf ear like eyes

that might eat you if it could.

Or it could be you creepy friend

but never trust things like this

but then you realize he is a pumpkin he cant eat you or be friends with you so.Halloween pumpkins Kwan Cheung via Compfight

My Passion

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Hey guys, my name is L.J..  Today I will be talking about my passion.  My passion is basketball! It’s fun and competitive. Basketball is a fast pace game so you have to always be paying attention. Finally, basketball is a hard game that you have to practice.

If you want to play basketball you have to practice and get better.  When you practice you will want to work on layups and dribbling. Most importantly practice the position you will be playing.  That means don’t practice shooting three’s if you will be a center. Finally, like I said it is a fast moving game so if you are not in shape it will be hard to keep up.  Thank you all and good bye!