Who is you favorite Football, Baseball and Basketball player?

Who is your favorite football player? Mine is Russel Wilson because he is a great QB and I am a QB so I look up to him. I don’t really like there team but I like Russell Wilson. So in comments tell me how your favorite player is because I would like to know. So I hope you enjoyed this part.

Who is your favorite basketball player? Mine is Steph Curry because he is great and I look up to him and always will. I look up to him because he is really good and I learn a lot of stuff just looking at is video’s and that stuff. I also really like the warriors and the players but Steph Curry really sticks out. In the comments tell me your favorite basketball player.

Who is your favorite baseball player? I don’t watch baseball much but when I do I like to watch the reds and Joey Votto and that’s my favorite baseball player. I like Joey Votto because he is a great player and a great person because he is not mean most of the time. I will look up to him because he has a great swing and thats where I learned how to swing but then my coaches  helped me. But i want to know your favorite baseball player so comment.

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  1. Hi my name is Naomi, from Mrs. Hughes class. I also enjoy sports too. My favorite sport is basketball. I don’t really watch baseball that much, but all I know is that the Houston Astros won the World Series recently. My favorite player is Jordy Nelson because he can catch the ball even while getting hit by the defense. Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving are my favorite players because Kobe has a great mentality and Kyrie in my opinion has the best handles in the league. Who do you think is the best ROTY in basketball?

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